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OpenEye Eye Tracker

A sensor packed, wearable eye tracker

Affordable real-time eye tracker

A portable device that can capture gaze direction


OpenEye comes with a convenient mobile friendly companion webapp.

With this webapp you can adjust the pupil tracking to individual users.

You can preview both the eye tracking camera and the scene camera, and start, stop and manage your recordings.

Each recording comes with a video file of your experiment, and a raw data file in .json format, for expert users.

The most affordable eye tracker currenty on the market at 499 euros for the basic model

Entry model: 499 euros


1280x720 pixel scene recording camera

15fps eye tracking system

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Advanced model: 999 euros (pre-order)


50fps eye tracking system

1920x1080 pixel scene recording camera

specialized for recording fast movement

GPS sensor for location tracking

Accelerometer measuring forces impacting the wearer

Gyroscope to record head rotation

Hartrate sensor

Perspiration sensor

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