Software innovation from Amsterdam!

We are currently working on the RAT-engine, a game engine for the OUYA. We like to support the OUYA project, because it is open-source and cheap, which makes it ideal for indie-developers and thus innovation in game-mechanics. The RAT-engine will make 2D fighting games easy to make. It is made to make development fast, with a character editor for Android tablets. You can create a new character and put it in the game in a couple of minutes. The engine is not aimed at high-end games, but at lightning fast development.

Another project we are working on is 'Multiple Choice Scanner'. This is an App that makes life easier for teachers. It uses your phone to quickly rate multiple choice tests. This scanner is already in the Android market for free. The Android market is ideal for trying out new apps and getting early feedback, which is why we developed the app for Android first. The most valuable lessons about how an app is used in the real world, you learn in the real world. This is why we are currently talking with teachers about what features they would like to see in the next release of the app. If you are a teacher, try it out, it can save you a lot of time!