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The Kexxu robotics team

We’re a young and ambitious start-up from The Netherlands, located in Amsterdam. We created OpenEye and Kexxu cloud because we needed a portable eye tracker and analysis software for our research, but could not find anything at even a remotely realistic price. Jurriaan, our computer vision systems architect, knew the problem of eye-tracking could be solved cheaper and run faster using recent developments in computer vision networks. For a year we worked on Openeye on the side, and are proud to say we have succeeded. We made the most affordable wearable eye-tracker on market, that runs real-time on the device itself, removing the need to carry a powerful laptop around.


Being the most affordable, you must be wondering if it can deliver the same quality and performance as the other wearable eye trackers, which are powered by huge laptops. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll give you a demo because we love to show off our eye tracker, and we bet you’ll be surprised!

Creating Computer Vision edge devices with real world applications 

We’re a team of passionate entrepreneurs with a diverse skillset. Together with a network of partner companies and freelancers, we aim to create a golden combination between edge hardware and computer vision/AI.

Openeye is a testament to the success of this network and how our combined expertise can create novel combinations of software and hardware with actual real-world applications. 

Our Approach

Innovation through collaboration

Our Mission

Build AI and Computer Vision edge devices to solve real-world problems. 

Our Vision

A world where every home and every business trusts and can take full advantage of the power of AI. And do so in a responsible, sustainable, and effective way. 

Jurriaan Schreuder

Jurriaan Schreuder


Tijmen de Vries

Tijmen de Vries


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