In the Netherlands, an astounding 3 billion disposable plastic drink cups are used and discarded each year, leaving a colossal environmental footprint. But there’s a catch – as we transition to a sustainable alternative of reusable cups, these cups need meticulous quality checks, a task that was initially performed manually. This method was prone to errors, especially when dealing with vast quantities of cups and repetitive tasks. But ensuring that these cups are perfectly clean is critical for our safety and health.

From Challenge to Solution

The convenience of single-use plastics has, for too long, come at a great cost – contributing to pollution and climate change. Many of these disposable cups, despite appearing to be paper-based, are lined with a thin plastic layer, making them challenging to recycle. This predicament has resulted in increased carbon emissions and an alarming proliferation of litter in our streets.

So, what’s the solution?

AI and Anomaly Detection in Action

The Netherlands, like many nations, has resolved to reduce plastic waste. Innovative measures are being put into action to tackle this pervasive issue. Key among these solutions is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and anomaly detection technologies.

Quality Control in the Reusable Cup Market

The real game-changer in this narrative is quality control in the reusable cup market. As we shift from disposable cups to reusable ones, the demand for quality is paramount. Each cup must be perfectly clean and flawless to ensure safety and health standards. However, the challenge lies in the sheer quantity of cups that require this level of scrutiny.

The solution? AI and smart anomaly detection.

These cutting-edge technologies are transforming quality control, eliminating the margin of error inherent in manual inspection. Reusable cups go through a rigorous automated process that leaves no room for mistakes. AI systems meticulously scan each cup, identifying even the tiniest imperfections, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards.

The Prototype Video

For a more in-depth exploration of how AI and anomaly detection are reshaping quality control in the reusable cup market, we invite you to watch our prototype video.


The journey towards a greener planet encompasses both small changes and monumental innovations. As we transition to reusable cups, the integration of AI and anomaly detection not only streamlines the quality control process but also guarantees a higher standard of safety and hygiene. It’s not just about reducing plastic waste; it’s about setting new standards for the reusable cup market.