AI-powered mobile

eye-tracking glasses

For marketeers

Many marketeers use Openeye and our software to conduct objective field studies on product/layout engagement in real world situations

For researchers

Openeye is ideal for conducting eye-tracking and related studies in the open. The example below shows how cyclists experience cycling through Amsterdam in terms of stress levels. A great option for safety monitoring of urban intersections and cycling infrastructure

Openeye hardware

A Portable and affordable eye-tracker 

We have build Openeye from scratch using the latest advancements in computer vision. This enabled us to keep it suprisingly affordable while matching the specs of current research grade eye-trackers.   


Portable, no need to connect to a computer


Affordable, by focusing on what counts

OpenEye eye tracker front

Mobile eye-tracker

The Openeye Eye-tracking is completly mobile, so you can do your research in any setting!


Up to 4 hours of recording on one battery


No need to be directly connected to a computer


Companion webapp with direct video feed so no more surpirses

Upload directly to the cloud

Openeye is directly linked to your account. All recordings are uploaded to your cloud with one click!


No need for aditional software, everything works directly form the cloud


Make a test recording and analize directly. Make adjustments on the go

OpenEye wearable eye tracker

Eye-tracking as a Service

Never get stuck with old hardware

We are always looking for ways to improve on Openeye. Periodicly we will release new and improved versions and we want our customers to be able to take full advantage of this. This is why, instead of selling the glasses, they are part of the subscription. When we upgrade Openeye, so will your eye-tracking projects.


Always have the latest Openeye hardware


Reduce your upfront investment considerably

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