Dev Partner version


Help with the development of Kexxu Eye v1. This (3d printed) Dev Partner version includes a free swap for the release version once production has begun.


You can already order the Dev Partner version of Kexxu Eye v1 here.

Expect some software and even hardware updates along the way through.
The advantage of participating closely with the development of Kexxu Eye v1 is direct access to the people developing the eye-tracking glasses and post-processing features. When you need some extra tools to do your experiment, we will listen closely to you and see if this is a feature we want to add for Kexxu Eye v1 public release.
You are not at risk to be stuck with an old version by ordering this version, because you will get hardware updates by sending back the dev version. We will replace it with the latest version.
We still expect some hardware updates to reduce the number of wires and increase the accuracy of the artificial intelligence. So you will receive at least one hardware update when you purchase this Dev Partner version.

What are eye tracking glasses?
A wearable eye-tracker records everything the wearer sees and where the wearer is focussing their eyes on.
This eye tracker is most suited for price-sensitive experiments where free movement and quick setup time is important while very exact precision is less important.
The precision is about 2 degrees.
The whole system is portable and easy to move around with, thanks to the compact AI processing system and lightweight sensors. It comes with a 10000 mAh battery pack as standard about 6 hours of recording time.
The device comes with a convenient, mobile-friendly, companion app to use on the go.
With this app, you can adjust your pupil tracker, and preview the tracking camera and scene cam.
The app is also where you start, stop and manage the previews and recordings.
Each recording comes with a video file of your experiment, with the eye that is being tracked added to the video as a picture in the picture, also showing the raw output of the pupil tracking as verification that the tracking works smoothly.
The gaze direction is plotted directly onto the video, making it easy to directly share experiments with colleagues and customers.
The output also contains a raw data file in .json format for expert users, which can be used in various post-processing steps, for example making heatmaps using the tracking data.
Kexxu Eye v1 is connected to other devices and software using WiFi.

If you want to connect the eye tracker to your own projects, there are various Github repositories available with libraries to connect Kexxu Eye v1 to Python, JavaScript, and more coming soon.
Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions at, if you are wondering if Kexxu Eye v1 is the right eye tracker for your experiment.