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Buy the Kexxu Eye eye tracking glasses here. Fully portable eye tracking glasses, with a 6 hour battery life.

Eye tracking glasses record what someone is looking at. Use the Kexxu eye tracking glasses for marketing, product research, user experience design, sports analytics, and more.

Our wearable eye tracker can make gaze recordings by recording the eye with one eye tracking camera, and recording the scene with another camera.

Artificial intelligence runs on the camera recording the eye, to determine the center of the pupil in real-time.

Using the pupil location a crosshair is drawn on the camera recording the scene. This way you can see in real-time where the person is looking at in a scene.

After your eye tracking recording, you can send the recording to the Kexxu Cloud, for further analysis. Here you can create heat maps, gaze plots, create areas of interests, and more!


Kexxu Eye


Fully portable, affordable eye tracking glasses.

What are your customers looking at?  Did they notice the price tag on your latest advertisement? Did they look at the new package design more than at the old package design? And what about your store, what is the first things customers notice when they walk in? Find out what people are really interested in, with the Kexxu Eye eye tracking glasses.

See examples of how to use the Kexxu Eye eye tracking glasses here.

Kexxu Eye Tracker Heat Map

Kexxu Eye Tracker Heat Map





Fully portable
Battery life 6 hours
2 degree accuracy
40 frames per second
All processing is done on the eye tracker real-time
Easy calibration with live preview over WiFi
16 hours of local storage space
2 GB of free cloud storage space


Cloud tools


The Kexxu Eye comes packed with convenient cloud tools. In the companion app you can send recordings from the eye tracker to the kexxu editor studio. Using advanced modern ai tools you can create:

AI powered regions of interest tracking and analysis
Time to Focus measurements
Dynamic heat map, works even when you move your head!
Dynamic gaze plot, stabalizes the image to create a gaze plot of saccades




App for live preview and calibration available for:


Chat with us for any questions and to get a live demo!