Eye Tracking Glasses

Kexxu Eye v1


Dev Partner version available order now for 799 euros.

Free upgrade to v1 version on release date (around June 2023).


– Portable

– 2 degree accuracy

– 6 hours battery life

Rotating Kexxu Eye Tracking Glasses

What are Eye Tracking Glasses?


Eye tracking glasses record what someone is looking at. They do this by recording the eye with one camera, and recording the scene with another camera.

Artificial intelligence runs on the camera recording the eye, to determine the center of the pupil in real-time.

Using the pupil location a crosshair is drawn on the camera recording the scene. This way you can see in real-time where the person is looking at in a scene.

head with kexxu eye tracking glasses game twitch aiming

Measure gaze duration


Gaze duration or dwell time indicates how long a participant looked at something.

Usually you will be interested in relative dwell time. Is the dwell time longer for the blue, or the red packaging?

On editor.kexxu.com it's very easy to create dwell time comparisson diagrams comparing different Areas of Interest.

If you create an account there will be an example video where dwell time is calculated for three Areas of Interest.

Eye tracking dwell time graph

Measure time to focus


Time to focus measures how long it took somebody to notice something in the environment.

For example a warning light on the dashboard turning on.

On editor.kexxu.com it’s very easy to create time to focus comparisson diagrams, with ai assistance.

Learn more about measuring time to focus here.

eye tracking glasses focus graph

Heat maps


Heat maps are the easiest and fastest way to get a quick insight in your eye tracking data.

Using artificial intelligence we compensate for head movements.

This way we can create a stable heat map of focus points even when walking through the environment.

You can create a heat map of your eye tracking experiment with one button press on editor.kexxu.com.

Analyze video with ai


In the olden days, you would have to go through your eye tracking experiment frame by frame to know if the participant looked at an Area of Interest.

On editor.kexxu.com you can use ai to do that for you.
Just provide a couple of examples of the Area of Interest you want to track, and let the aritificial intelligence do the heavy lifting.



We test the accuracy of Kexxu Eye v1 and Tobii eye tracking glasses on this website.

Here an Aruco marker changes to random locations on the screen.

If you look at the center of the Aruco marker for 10 minutes, you can get an accuracy calculation on editor.kexxu.com.

We provide 2 degree eye tracking accuracy.

Watch the calibration video to see what this looks like.


1799 euros excl VAT



2 degree accuracy

Six hours battery life

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Kexxu Eye

799 euros excl VAT



2 degree accuracy

Six hours battery life

2 GB of cloud storage free


Buy dev partner version

Free upgrade to v1 when released (around  June 2023)

Game Eye

299 euros excl VAT


Plugs into computer

Functions as a mouse


Coming soon!


Kickstarter starting in 2023 – Q1

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