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Kexxu Eye v1


– Fully portable standalone eye tracking glasses

– 2 degree accuracy pupil tracker

– 6 hours battery life

– 16 hours of on-device storage


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Rotating Kexxu Eye Tracking Glasses

What are Eye Tracking Glasses?


Eye tracking glasses record what someone is looking at. Buy Kexxu €799 eye tracking glasses for marketing, product research, user experience design, sports analytics, and more.

Our wearable eye tracker can make gaze recordings by recording the eye with one eye tracking camera, and recording the scene with another camera.

Artificial intelligence runs on the camera recording the eye, to determine the center of the pupil in real-time.

Using the pupil location a crosshair is drawn on the camera recording the scene. This way you can see in real-time where the person is looking at in a scene.

head with kexxu eye tracking glasses game twitch aiming

AI pupil tracking software


By combining our eye tracking hardware with our eye tracking software that runs in the cloud, you can leverage modern AI pupil tracking software to measure important gaze duration statistics. Gaze duration or dwell time indicates how long a participant looked at something.

Usually you will be interested in relative dwell time. Is the dwell time longer for the blue, or the red packaging?

On editor.kexxu.com it's very easy to create dwell time comparisson diagrams comparing different Areas of Interest.

If you create an account there will be an example video where dwell time is calculated for three Areas of Interest.

Eye tracking dwell time graph

Fully portable


The eye tracker consists of the glasses, and the processing unit attached to the glasses. All processing happens on this portable unit in real time. It can save up to 16 hours of recording, before you have to upload your data to the Kexxu cloud editor.

With a battery life of 6 hours you can record the entire day with just one charge. The battery can easily be taken out to be swapped or charged. On the back of the processing device the current battery percentage is displayed.

Kexxu Eye specs

Area of Interest eye tracking


In our eye tracking free cloud analysis tools, you can mark Areas of Interest in your eye tracking recordings. Our cloud tools give insights about anything you want to know about the areas of interest. For instance gaze duration per area of interest, or time to focus.

Time to focus measures how long it took somebody to notice something in the environment. The timer starts when the area of interest becomes in view. The timer stops when the person looks directly at the area of interest. One example a warning light on the dashboard turning on.

On editor.kexxu.com it’s very easy to create time to focus comparisson diagrams, with ai assistance.

Learn more about measuring time to focus using areas of interest here.

Time to Focus graph

Heat maps


In our online eye tracking interface it is very easy to create heat maps of your eye tracking recordings. Heat maps are the easiest and fastest way to get a quick insight in your eye tracking data.

Using artificial intelligence we compensate for any head movements. This way we can create a stable heat map of focus points even when walking through the environment with our wearable eye tracking glasses.

You can create a heat map of your eye tracking experiment with one button press on editor.kexxu.com.

If you are interested in how to make a heat map, read more about it here.

Gaze plots


A gaze plot can visualize saccades and the order of saccades

Everybody moves their eyes in the same two ways: Tracking and saccades. Tracking is when you follow an object, or fixate on an object while moving yourself. Saccades move the eye from one tracking location to another tracking location. Saccades happen 3 to 7 times per second, and are visualized with a Gaze Plot.

You can create a gaze plot of your eye tracking experiment with one button press on editor.kexxu.com.

Analyze video with ai


In the olden days, you would have to go through your eye tracking experiment frame by frame to know if the participant looked at an Area of Interest.

On editor.kexxu.com you can use ai to do that for you.
Just provide a couple of examples of the Area of Interest you want to track, and let the aritificial intelligence do the heavy lifting.



We test the accuracy of Kexxu Eye v1 and Tobii eye tracking glasses on this website.

Here an Aruco marker changes to random locations on the screen.

If you look at the center of the Aruco marker for 10 minutes, you can get an accuracy calculation on editor.kexxu.com.

We provide 2 degree eye tracking accuracy.

Watch the calibration video to see what this looks like.

Basic Eye Tracking Experiment


You start an experiment by convincing a test subject to put on the Kexxu Eye tracking glasses. The glasses will be connected to the Kexxu Devices app, in which you can preview the video that is recorded and where the subject is looking. First you start with calibrating the eye tracker.

To calibrate the eye tracker, adjust the AI camera window so it fits perfectly over the eye, so the eye tracking AI can do it’s work. After that make the subject look at a point in the center of his field of view. The gaze cross will not point to that location initially, so you adjust the gaze cross with buttons in the app so the cross is exactly at the point the test subject is looking at.

For some eyes the sensitivity is different. What do we mean by this? When you make the subject look at a point to the left and to the right, the gaze cross can overshoot or undershoot the target. Adjust the sensitivity in the app so the gaza cross is exactly on target not only for the center but also for the sides. Do the same for up and down. The sensitivity will usually only have to be slightly adjusted.

After that you press record to start recording eye movement. Important now is that you give the test subject an instruction. Eye movements and gaze locations differ a lot based on the instruction. For example asking to find the cheapest product will give a different gaze plot than asking to find the highest quality product.

When the experiment is finished you can press stop recording. The recording will be saved on the eye tracking glasses, but will be visible in a list in the app, where you can press “upload to cloud”. When the video is uploaded to the cloud you can go to the cloud editor to create gaze plots, heat maps and mark areas of interest to compare statistically.


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2 degree accuracy

Six hours battery life

GPSHeart rateSkin conductanceMicrophoneGyroscopemore on demand

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Kexxu Eye

799 euros excl VAT


Fully Portable and Standalone

2 degree accuracy

Six hours battery life

16 hours on device storage

Free 2 GB of cloud storage


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Game Eye

299 euros excl VAT


Plugs into computer

Functions as a mouse


Coming soon!


Kickstarter starting in 2023 – Q1

Email info@kexxu.com to get notified!


Kexxu Game Eye


Kexxu Game Eye as a version of the Kexxu eye tracker that you can use as mouse input. Watch as some famous Twitch streamers battle to see who can shoot ducks fastest with a Kexxu Game Eye prototype.

You can pre-order Kexxu Game Eye on the kickstarter.

Read more here

HowTo: Process Kexxu Eye output with Python


We offer many advanced cloud tools to process Kexxu Eye data, but you can also easily parse the eye tracking output data yourself with a simple Python script. Checkout this tutorial to learn how!

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Python code

Arthritis – Using an Eye Tracker as computer input


Arthritis can make it painful to control a computer with a mouse, due to the repetitive nature of the hand movements. In this case using an eye tracker as an input device can make your life more comfortable. There are several forms of arthritis that have an impact on the pain levels associated with controlling a computer with a mouse.

That is why we are developing a version of the Kexxu Eye Tracker that can be used as a mouse replacement. This research has just started, and we can maybe use your help. We need some people who are using or want to use an eye tracker as a mouse replacement because of pain in their hand, wrist or arm. You can give us valuable user feedback during the development of our new pupil tracker mouse.

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Arthritis hand